Desire – Is Real

Demo na platformu Amiga z demoscene akce Gerp v roce 2024. Umístilo se na 3. místě v kategorii Amiga demo.

Datum vydání:leden 2024
Platforma:Amiga OCS/ECS
Compo:Amiga demo
Umístění:3. místo
Tvorba:platon42 [kód, doplňková grafika, design]
optic [grafika]
mAZE [hudba]
Is Real by Desire

A demo for A500/OCS 512+512 KB released at GERP 2024.

Maze - Optic - Platon

Some words

Platon at the keys. My own words, not those of Maze, Optic or anyone at

Some people say, demos should not be political.
I say: Go ahead and make a demo about that.

Western controlled media always tried and still tries to play down what
was happening in Gaza and West Bank. There is no justification for
killing civilians, including women and especially children. If you were
even thinking about what a possible justification could be, you should
be ashamed of yourself. So once you have established that, the ACTS of
violence against the population there, together with the uttered INTENT
eliminating everyone by highly ranked politicians, it makes it a clear
case. And it is not a case of self-defense, don't be silly.

This is not about religion nor race, so stop diluting the term
antisemitism for what it actually once meant.

So thank you South Africa, thank you Chris Hedges, Moshe Zuckermann,
Moshe Zimmermann, Gideon Levy, and all the others speaking up.

This IS REALly happening. As long as people keep silent, look away,
or even try to protect the Israeli government from being accused and
found guilty of the crimes they have done, this will not stop. And
it's been going on for so many decades.

Everyone murdered, mutilated, or otherwise harmed has or is a
father, mother, brother, sister, daughter, son, uncle, aunt, cousin,
family or "just" friend that is mourned for. The demoscene is dad,
what would you feel if it was your child that had a limb removed,
without anesthesia? Or watch them die? There are about one million
children in Gaza.

Are these kinds of actions what you would want to be the standard
behaviour humanity is striving for? If not, you gotta be the change.

Fuck you Germany! What a disgrace for those who should have known

Fuck Hamas for putting the Isreali right-wing extremist government in
a place to finally pursue what they had in mind.

Eh, and also fuck you, Havoc: What kind of person does it make you to
even think about using nuclear weapons in any kind of conflict,
implying the death of million civilians? Maybe the opposite of an
anti-fascist? Maybe the war-mongering of all the bellicists would stop
immediately if they had to survive just one week in a war-zone?


The quotes of Israeli politicians in the demo are taken from various
places, most of them are also present in the ICJ motion by
South Africa, that you actually should read (especially from page 28
on), because it is unbelievable inhumane and gruesome what people have
been speaking out loud undisputedly!

I will list the quotes and sources here for you.

'I have no mercy for those who are still there. We need to eliminate them.' (Demo)
"It is better to burn down buildings rather than have soldiers harmed.
There are no innocents there ... One hundred thousand remain [in the
north of Gaza]. I have no mercy for those who are still there. We need
to eliminate them."
-- Vaturi, Nissim, MK and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset

'We must find ways for Gazans that are more painful than death.' (Demo)
"We must find ways for Gazans that are more painful than death."
-- Eliyahu, Amichay, Minister of Heritage

'Today it is clear to everyone that all Gazans must be destroyed.' (Demo)
"Today it is clear to everyone that all Gazans must be destroyed."
-- Saada, Moshe, Knesset Member

'We're facing monsters. It's a battle of civilization against barbarism.' (Demo)
"We're facing monsters, monsters who murdered children in front of
their parents [...] This is a battle not only of Israel against these
barbarians, it's a battle of civilization against barbarism."
-- Smotrich, Bezalel Yoel, Finance Minister

'The entire Gaza Strip should be emptied and leveled flat.' (Demo)
"The entire Gaza Strip should be emptied and leveled flat, just like
in Auschwitz. Let it become a museum, showcasing the capabilities of
the State of Israel and dissuading anyone from living in the Gaza
Strip. This is what must be done to give them a visual
-- Azulai, David, Director of the Metula Council

'They're subhuman and that's how they should be treated.' (Demo)
"If it were up to me, I would have dispatched D-9 bulldozers and put
them behind the mounds of dirt and would have given the order to cover
all these hundreds of ants, while they're still alive. [...] They
aren't human beings and not human animals. They're subhuman and that's
how they should be treated. [...] Eradicate the memory of Amalek, and
never forget."
-- King, Aryeh Yitzhak, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem

'There are no innocents in Gaza.' (Demo)
"There are no innocents in Gaza"
-- Lieberman, Avigdor, Minister of Finance (2021 and 2022), Deputy Prime Minister (2006-8, 2009-12)

'We need all two million to leave. That's the solution for Gaza.' (Demo)
"After we turn Khan Younis into a soccer field [?] we need to take
advantage of the destruction to tell the countries that each of them
should take a quota, it can be 20K or 50K. We need all 2 million to
leave. That's the solution for Gaza."
-- Shaked, Ayelet, Minister of Interior (2021-22), Minister of Justice (2015-19)

'No electricity, no food, no water, no gas.' (Demo)
'We are fighting animals and are acting accordingly.' (Demo)
'We will eliminate everything.' (Demo)
"No electricity, no food, no water, no gas. It's all closed. We are
fighting animals and are acting accordingly. [...] Gaza won't return
to what it was before. We will eliminate everything."
-- Gallant, Yoav, Israeli Minister of Defense

'One of the options is to drop an atomic bomb on Gaza.' (Demo)
"One of the options is to drop an atomic bomb on Gaza. I pray & hope
for their [hostages] return, but there is also a price in war."
-- Eliyahu, Amichay, Israeli Minister of Heritage

'They're all terrorists, and they should also be destroyed.' (Demo)
"[t]o be clear, when we say that Hamas should be destroyed, it also
means those who celebrate, those who support, and those who hand out
candy - they're all terrorists, and they should also be destroyed."
-- Ben-Gvir, Itamar, Israeli Minister for National Security

'The children of Gaza have brought this upon themselves!' (Demo)
"So there is no symmetry! And the children in Gaza - the children in
Gaza have brought this upon themselves! We are a peace-seeking nation,
a life-loving nation. There is no symmetry - our children are
kidnapped over there!"
-- Ben-Ari, Meirav, Yesh Atid party politician

Here are the headlines and the sources to the articles:

'Israeli bombing in Gaza kills over 140 UN workers' (Demo)

'Over 10 children a day lose a limb in Gaza' (Demo)

'82 journalists and media workers were confirmed dead' (Demo)

'Israel vows not to 'stop' as Gaza death toll nears 24,000 on day 100 of war' (Demo)

'Blocking food supplies to Gaza will have life-long impacts on children with malnutrition rising' (Demo)

'Bunkers under Gaza hospital were built by Israel' (Demo)

'Humanitarian crisis worsens as UN warns Gaza 'uninhabitable'' (Demo)

'Israel strikes southern Gaza city swollen with displaced people' (Demo)

'UN human rights experts welcome start of ICJ genocide hearings in The Hague' (Demo)

Martin Flashback

Na stránky píšu občasné novinky ze světa retra, jak mi můj čas a život dovolí. Nevyhledávám multiplayer, preferuji nejvíce single player, popř. multiplayer u jednoho počítače. Mým nejoblíbenějším počítačem je Amiga, z novějších konzolí to je Nintendo Wii a Switch.

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